I released Video and Picture library of Nenbutsushu
(Nenbutsushu Buddhist Sect of japan (The Royal Grand Hall of Buddhism)).
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About Nenbutsushu :

Head temple of Nenbutsushu sect:
Nenbutsushu Sanpouzan Muryojuji “The Royal Grand Hall of Buddhism”

Principal image :

The Amida Triad

The images of Amida Buddha and his two bodhisattva attendants

  1. 1.Amida Buddha
  2. 2.Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva
  3. 3.Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva


To practice the teachings of Lord Buddha and, first of all, to establish “the true peace of mind” in the family.

1. Importance of appreciation and gratitude
To appreciate everything which supports our lives , and to appreciate and requite kindness.

The Four Kindnesses:

  1. (1) Kindness of Parents]
  2. (2) Kindness of Sentient Beings,
  3. (3) Kindness of Nation’s Leader (Society) To follow the rule of society, to respect the elders, and to fulfill one’s duty in the society.
  4. (4) Kindness of the Three Treasures To sincerely believe in Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha

2. The spirits of “the Seventeen Constitution” enacted by Prince Shotoku, the founder of Japanese Buddhism.
Basis of our life is to have a sense of Harmony, to have a high regard for faith and politeness, and to try to be the good model of general people.

Activities : Practical hands-on activities based on the teachings of the Buddha